Pete's is the cafe to be at if your a walker, climber, scrambler or just happen to be hungry and wondering around North Wales. Pete's can be found in the town of Llanberis aka Beris in Snowdonia. The cafe was opened by Pete and Vicky Norton in 1978.

The cafe/restaurant is always buzzing with people mostly climbers. The food is really nice and the portions are big and they serve your usual combinations of beans, sausages, chips as well as soups and baps plus much more. They are quite flexible really and also have childrens meals.

When ordering drinks order pints as you'll get them in huge mugs. You can also buy Pete's Eats mugs at the bar, some of them are quite funky they cost a fiver if my memory serves me right.

The building is brightly coloured in blue and yellow (most buildings in LLanberis high street are painted in bright colours) and is situated near the lake so it's easy to spot. The inside is a shrine to the world of mountaineering and to the Snowdonia range. The place is decorated with photographs of impressive glaciers and climbs. Upstairs there is a huge map collection that can be used to route journeys or walks. The ever expanding map collection consists of detailed maps from all over the world enabling people to plan their expeditions.

The cafe is a social gathering place for climbers and walkers. In fact it has become part of the routine to visit Pete's after you've finished climbing for the day you can't not go especially if you've been up Snowdon You can sit and relax for as long as you like whilst drinking your pint of tea and listening to some classic tunes from the free juke box.

Its fantastic when you walk in on a cold wet day after having battled against the cold wind and hail for hours whilst trying to reach a peak. When your thinking I must be absolutely mad to do this and you walk in and all you see around you are smiling faces talking about their days expedition with a pile of drenched gortex coats around them and you think there's a lot more people like me out there :).

They have also recently opened a flat above the restaurant which they hire out for a few quid a night and sleeps twelve.

Oh I forgot to mention they have yummy cakes!

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