Transformers: Robots in Disguise Episode Guide

Episode 32: Peril from the Past
Original U.S. air date: November 17, 2001
Written by: Michael McConnohie

Continued from previous episode....

T-AI detects a data stream coming from the collected o-parts and she attempts to interface with them directly to interpret it. When she does so, the o-parts form a glowing globe of the Earth with each o-part positioned on a different continent. T-AI is trapped within the o-parts globe, but she is able to tell Optimus and the car brothers what she has learned from the data stream. The Autobots must go to the Sahara Desert to locate the "Orb of Sigma." Optimus and the car brothers depart immediately via the global space bridge, with Koji insisting on coming along. When they arrive at their destination, Optimus is surprised to see Koji and tells Side Burn to protect him while they enter the underground ruins to which T-AI has led them. After they enter, Optimus uses the o-parts globe as a key to enter a chamber containing a stepped stone pyramid, on top of which is the Orb of Sigma. Optimus lets the o-parts globe combine with the Orb.

Meanwhile, Megatron has decided to personally lead both Predacons and the Decepticons to the desert. Side Burn and Koji are accidentally driven by them into another underground passage which eventually leads out far above the Orb of Sigma. There they see Megatron take the Orb and set off a booby trap, flooding his body with energy and trapping Slapper, Gas Skunk and Dark Scream in rubble. Side Burn jumps down and takes the Orb from his hand. Optimus tells X-Brawn and Side Burn to cover him while he stays and fights Megatron. The Decepticons are eventually driven off. Still fighting each other, Megatron flies out of the ruins with Optimus hanging on. Ultra Magnus is there, having followed the Autobots through the desert, and he and Optimus combine into Omega Prime. They descend into the ruins again and Megatron is defeated and buried.

The Autobots return to their base and are able to restore T-AI, who informs them that the Orb is their key to locating Cerebros and controlling Fortress Maximus. But meanwhile, the Predacons extract themselves from the rubble and are surprised to see their spark lasers open themselves and their spark energy flowing towards Megatron's buried body. He emerges, larger and more powerful than ever before, in a new griffin-like form and calling himself Galvatron.

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The original Megatron became the original Galvatron in Transformers: The Movie, so the folks at Hasbro decided they may as well take the same approach. (The Japanese toys were uniquely named "Gigatron" and "Devil Gigatron", respectively.) Exactly how he was changed is kind of blurry, but it seems to have had the same effect as the Autobot car brothers' supercharged mode: new color scheme and dramatically increased strength and firepower. The new transformation mode isn't actually a new mode at all, since the Megatron toy could form it just as easily; it simply wasn't part of the instructions.

Sky-Byte gets a glimpse the Decepticons' intentions to sieze power from Megatron, when they drive off once the Orb is lost, leaving only the Predacons to worry about Megatron. Exactly where Cerebros is, though, is still unknown to Autobots and Predacons alike.

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