We are finally ashore in Reykjavik. I think I spotted a few physicians trying to kiss the ground, but after all the motion sickness - and working out problems with
sea legs
- it seems they thought staying upright was a wiser course. I think most will be fine after a couple hours on land.

This North Atlantic cruise has an option of staying in Iceland rather than making all the ports of call in Greenland, Norway and Ireland. That's what Liz and I decided to do, so we are saying goodbye to some friends and will explore Iceland before the cruise ship takes us back to Canada. The cruise line negotiated a great rate with a hotel in Reykjavik, and our Canadian friends are staying here as well. Check-in, unpacking and a nap was the plan; but we all wanted to wander the city later and find a quiet cafe for dinner.

We planned to meet at about 7:00 pm Reykjavik time, but after a flurry of calls decided to meet an hour earlier in the lobby. The hotel concierge has suggested a place to start looking for a glass of wine and a meal: Laugavegur, Reykjavik's Main Street. He told us we'd find shops, food stands and restaurants, and that we'll meet people who welcome tourists. Before taking off, we raided the travel and tour brochures. Glaciers, volcanoes, the Golden Circle, museums and Hallgrímskirkja church. Perhaps we can pool resources with car rentals, or chartering a helicopter to see some of the sights.

And then, I heard a voice.

"Fancy meeting you here."

It was Scott. Oh, my, it was Scott, here in Iceland. We've known each other for about five years, and we met while going through difficult divorces. We've gone out on two dates and exchanged a couple of steamy kisses, but a relationship didn't seem to be in the cards. He's a commercial airline pilot, and work takes me all over the United States. So often we'rre home at different times, dating other people, or perhaps something wasn't quite right. But it's always great to seem him.

Scott grinned and hugged me. I made introductions. "I was about to go have dinner," he told us. "I know a great place on Laugavegur, let's all go together and I'll tell you what I've learned about Iceland the past couple of days."

Off we went, with tourist brochures, a sense of adventure, and hopes of getting advice from locals. And Scott. This could be interesting...

Love on the Volcano: An E2 Romance Quest

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