sleep before the light’s away and it all spills out like broken records ltd.,
before the torn sky bleeds orange red and everything seems dark when
i flick the switch with my tongue to watch your eyelids fall just like that

i wake up with a body pressed along my side and i stab aimlessly the air
thick, melting across my eyes time is like this, lucid demon dreams and
remember how you would kiss the insides of my fingers? i loved that.

there is a way, a parting of lips and feelings slid along the dry edge
it is in the note i wrote for you and then gave to him
a train, you'll call me, i need to hold you closer
your fingertips all gravity and promise..

you were thinking i could capture the sun? i stole it.
there is no reason for this.
the tired scrawl of every word i've ever called my own

here is my secret.. i don't love it anymore. blue light or low ceilings
i hate trying to make you love me

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