Sometimes your heart just stops letting you put your feelings off.

You don't have a button for that, but I do.
The muscles in my back twinge and cramp,
Fine red lines (not spidery so much, but delicate wavescapes on glossy whites) connect the corners of my eyes.

It's a series of words, the color of a hand crafted leather flower on an absurdly expensive Coach purse that I don't even want to buy. It's the creases where eyeshadow becomes more intense throughout the day, it's the colliding scents of desert and rain. It's the snowcone you are eating when you're thirsty in a dream.

It's not fair to feel so much and to put it off.
Microbursts of passionate I AM, over things that are so incredibly what I am not.

There are days and weeks that live between the heartbeats of what makes me happy. Seeing and feeling these pieces of joy and not taking advantage of them makes me feel that I am ignoring my life.

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