Guys with bigger dicks do NOT have a better chance at impregnating a woman. Male sperm simple just doesn't seep out of the penis, it is usually forced out, causing sperm to shoot as opposed to leak out of the penis during ejaculation. With either a large or small penis, in most cases sperm usually splatters against the vaginal wall or shoots up into the cervix instantaneously.

I do not consider this concept intriguing as much as I consider it misinformed.

While it may be true that a longer penis would usually place the tip of the penis deeper inside the vagina during climax, I concur with TheLordScribe's observation that semen is not seeped, but rather ejected (compare throwing a dart at a dartboard from 10 feet as compared to 5 feet; although, you're not really aiming at a target here. Well, you are, but if you miss it, you've got bigger problems than penis size.)

There are a number of other factors that have far greater influence on whether one of your sperm makes to to Checkpoint Charlie, a few being the acidity of the vagina, how long its been since you last ejaculated (multiple ejaculations in a short period produce less and less ejaculate with each orgasm), and your overall health (if you have a fever, you produce fewer sperm.)

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