Pearl River is the premiere Chinese department store in New York City. It is currently located at the intersection of Broadway and Canal Street, that crossroads where Chinatown is depicted in many movies.

A trip to Chinatown would not be complete without a stop here. Everyone who's anyone shops at Pearl River. Their selection spans two whole stories with every item you could possibly hope for -- tea leaves, Botan rice candy, jellies and gummies and ginger and curry and all sorts of other Chinese foods. There are sake sets and teapots and sandals and tapestries and beautiful kimonos. Rumors have surfaced that the kimono Kirsten Dunst wears in Spider-Man is from this very place. Window blinds, lamps, screens, chopsticks, candles, lanterns, calligraphy brushes, musical instruments and a giant, expensive Chinese dragon can all be had.

Pearl River is moving up Broadway -- if it has not already done so -- but hopefully the old charm and wonder of finding a million other things not to be found easily outside China will be preserved in the new store.

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