1. Any of the various swindles in which the victim is led to believe that he has won a large sum in gambling. Before he "collects", he is required to exhibit, as evidence of good faith, a sum equal to that in which he had risked losing. The victim's money is examined and palmed; a wad of worthless paper is substituted for the genuine currency. The victim is thus swindled both of his own money and of his supposed winnings. 2. The successful termination of any criminal action; the actual transfer of money or loot from victim to criminal. 3. The climax, especially one which is not expected. "The rapper stepped in on the line-up to put the finger on me. The pay-off came when he picked one of the bulls and passed me up." 4. To hand over money or valuables as the victim of a crime or racket; to yield to blackmail or extortion; to pay money as bribery. 5. To yield a profit; to bring results. 6. To repay a debt. 7. To assault or kill in retribution.

- american underworld dictionary - 1950

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