The second Doctor on the show Doctor Who.

Er... he often wore a large fur coat. Started the whole Doctor does physical comedy thing. Bounced around with Zoe (wolf whistle), Jamie (the best companion ever:), and assorted others.

There was a big, like 12 parts big, regeneration series for him that led to Jon Pertwee being stuck on Earth. Real cool multiple time zone war thing. A current whovian should elaborate.

Patrick Troughton was born in North London on March 25, 1920. He trained to be an actor from an early age, entering acting school in his teens. He joined a theater group in Long Island, New York. While there, World War II erupted, prompting Troughton's decision to return to England to fight. As his ship neared the port, it struck a mine and sunk, however he was able to board a life boat and survived.

After the war ended, he returned to acting, entering the then-new medium of television. He quickly established himself as a quality character actor, keeping himself busy with work over the next two decades.

In 1966, he was repeatedly called to ask if he would like to take over the lead role in the popular science fiction programme, Doctor Who. He initially refused, but the producers wouldn't take no for an answer. They kept offering him more money, which was useful, since, though he was a working actor, he was not wealthy by any means.

Pat was concerned about being typecast by the success of the show, so he deliberately acted in a manner very different from the screen personae he had portrayed previously. He was given creative freedom to develop the character as he saw fit, so he decided to play The Doctor as a sort of space hobo/clown, a very different style indeed from his predecessor, William Hartnell. Hartnell's Doctor was an old curmudgeon, and could sometimes be the anti-hero. Pat's was silly in demeanor, that bufoonery used to mask the conscientious genius he was. The world's first Timelord regeneration occurred during the first cybermen story, The Tenth Planet. The story is now lost, though the regeneration scene remains.

On the set, Troughton was known as a practical joker, though he himself could not stand to be the butt of the jokes. He played the lead role for 3 years, leaving the show as the stress of so many episodes got to be too great. His efforts to avoid being typecast worked, as he returned to being a working actor afterwards. He was always willing to return to the show for the special multi-Doctor stories, and made himself available to the convention circuit after seeing how the fans reacted to him following the 10th anniversary episode The Three Doctors. Ever cautious regarding typecasting, he refused to appear in UK conventions (with one exception). He died from a heart attack on March 28, 1987 during a convention in the United States.

I have enjoyed tremendously the episodes I have seen with him, and he said one of my favorite Doctor Who quotes in The Wheel in Space: (speaking to his companion, Zoe) "Logic, my dear Zoe, merely allows one to be wrong with authority".

Kurt Godel would be proud, I'm sure.

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