The following is a partial transcript of an interview with David Moore by the Wall Street Transcript TWST: Could you begin by giving us a brief overview of 24/7 Media, Inc. (Nasdaq:TFSM)? Then describe what you see as your business and company today.

Mr. Moore: Our company today is a global leader in developing interactive marketing solutions and services. We began the company near the end of 1997 with a handful of Websites that today is a global Website network that covers the four major continents of the world. We currently have 57 offices in 51 cities in 28 countries, which encompass 40 languages and 45 nationalities. We've expanded the business from not only selling advertising on Websites, but to providing other services and solutions to our Websites as well. We've developed 24/7 Mail, an e-mail marketing service that continues to grow very rapidly. We recently acquired a company called Award Track, which provides loyalty point rewards to users when they come to our clients' Websites. Nearly half of our employees are focused on our technology solutions business, of which one product is called 24/7 Connect. We believe 24/7 Connect is the world's finest ad serving solution. Finally, our last acquisition, and we intend to complete it by the end of June 2000, is, which has the most dynamic technology for distributing e-mail. In fact, served two-thirds of all B2B e-mails in the world last year. With we now have all the pieces of the solution and can offer our clients a comprehensive one-stop service for acquiring and retaining customers.

TWST: Give us a profile of what that client base looks like today. How will that profile change or evolve over the next two to three years?

Mr. Moore: We have two major client bases. The first one is Websites for whom we either manage their e-mail lists or sell advertising on their Web pages. These clients range from AT&T, Earthlink, NetZero, Juno, and Free iNet, to companies like Reuters, Go and Rand McNally. We sell advertising on behalf of some of the leading Websites overseas. In Asia, we represent chinadotcom, which is a leading portal in Hong Kong. In Europe, we sell on behalf of MSN in the Nordic countries; and in the UK. And finally, in Latin America, we represent UOL, which is Brazil's largest ISP. Our other major client base is advertisers. On that front, we do business with just about every advertiser that's using the Web today. Whether that's car companies, technology organizations, telecommunications companies, or bankcards, we're doing business with just about all of them. In addition, we sell our services to leading advertising agencies, publishers, financial services, cable companies and telecommunications companies.

TWST: What are the key strategic alliances that have helped build your success today, and how will those change or evolve over the next two to three years?

Mr. Moore: Alliances such as our alliance with I Syndicate, to syndicate product to our clients' Web sites, is a great strategic relationship. Our iPromotions investment helps us implement sales promotions that we sell on behalf of our clients. These types of relationships will continue to grow as we find ways to provide even more services to our Website clients that make 24/7 Media all that much more valuable to our client base.

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