A book review:

Parenting Papas: Unusual Animal Fathers is a cute little book, (39 pages) of a reading level higher than 3rd or 4th grade but it would be enjoyed if read aloud by much younger children. It has good color photographs.

This book highlights animal species in which males take an active role in parenting of the young.

Red fox: The male remains close to the mother and cubs to offer protection, food and training.

Hip-Pocket Frog: The male has brooding pouches and carries his blind tadpoles around for 7 weeks.

Three-Spined Stickleback: Males build the nest, guard and fan the eggs and chase away all potential predators, including the mother.

Sea horses: Males holds and even fertilizes the eggs in their pouch.

Water bugs: Fathers carry eggs on their back for 2 weeks before they hatch.

This is a cute book for fathers to read aloud to their kids.

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