Paragon City is a big place. The City of Heroes has ports that run for miles, thousands of square feet of parkland, massive industrial zones, and the city even has outlying islands.

The superheroes that inhabit this place can do some amazing things, but even with super powers, they can only run so fast, soar through the air at a particular rate, leap only a handful of tall buildings, or teleport within sight. Crime, however, has spread everywhere, like a fungus. How are superheroes and the mundane population alike going to carry out their daily lives? Who is going to get them to where they need to go, quickly and efficiently?

A system for the people in need
Enter the Paragon Transport Authority. They run large transport network, consisting primarily of an efficient, if noisy, monorail system with 2 main lines that connect all mainland City Zones. Visits to some of the Hazard Zones show that there used to be a much larger network extending throughout even these troubled areas, but those areas are no longer serviced. To supplement the monorail system and service those areas not suited for rail-based travel, the PTA also charter ferries and cargo ships to carry people and heroes to the islands around Paragon City.

Growth, expansion and developent
The network of monorails has recently been expanded, with the station in the village Salamanca in region of Croatoa in Paragon City's Northwest recently opened. Considering that Salamanca houses an arcane University that is a magnet for the residents of the neighbouring so-called "Forest of Dread", it was a bold move.

Prior to this, the ferry service to the troubled Peregrine Island was re-opened after a time shut-off due to danger of attack while in transit.

Rumours are also circulating about the possible reopening of the region known as "Siren's Call", a port that also housed nuclear reactors similar to Terra Volta, before a cataclysmic "accident" involving the late hero Sunburst which has rendered the area largely inaccessible and uninhabitable due to radiation...

Cost and Use
All of the transport is provided to superheroes for free, most likely as a way of saying "thank you" to the super-powered for keeping the whole city safe. It is unknown if the PTA charge it's mundane passengers. Travel is virtually instant, although the change in levels does take time to load the map in to memory.

Monorail Routes
Yellow Line

Green Line

Ferry Lines

Other means of "gettin' around town"...
Sick of riding the monorail with all the spandex-clad bozos, the freaks, the unemployed and the just plain creepy? Rumours circulate of an underground dance culture running the Paragon Dance Party, where patrons have reported being able to jump from Steel Canyon to Independence Port and Talos Island as easily as walking across the room in a club...

Pumping bass lines and throbbing techno not your go? You could always get "down and dirty" in the Sewer Network (or it's exponentially more deadly abandoned twin below it) and trek through the muck between Atlas Park, Kings Row, Steel Canyon, Skyway City and, surprisingly, Boomtown. This is the only link between Hazard Zones and City Zones that doesn't have a full police security checkpoint, however don't expect to be sneaking in to zones before you're normally able to - you still won't get access!

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