Pa*go"da (?), n. [Pg. pagoda, pagode, fr.Hind. & Per. but-kadah a house of idols, or abode of God; Per. but an idol + kadah a house, a temple.]


A term by which Europeans designate religious temples and tower-like buildings of the Hindoos and Buddhists of India, Farther India, China, and Japan, -- usually but not always, devoted to idol worship.


An idol.


Brande & C.

3. [Prob. so named from the image of a pagoda or a deity (cf. Skr. bhagavat holy, divine) stamped on it.]

A gold or silver coin, of various kinds and values, formerly current in India. The Madras gold pagoda was worth about three and a half rupees.


© Webster 1913.

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