A PRN is a Pseudo-Random Number. Since very numbers are rarely balls to bones random, they are simply Pseudo-Random.

The term 'PRN' is derived from PRNG, which stands for Pseudo-Random Number Generator. Crypto freaks hate PRNs.
In the case of file extensions (a .PRN), you're probably looking at a Printer Text File, HP Printer Control Language (via SwiftView), a DataCAD Windows Printer File, an XYWrite Printer Driver or a PostScript File.

Source: filext.com, a super-great source for this kind of stuff.

(medical abbreviation)

PRN is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase pro re nata meaning "according to need". PRN is used in the signature line of written prescriptions, and basically means to take a medication when it is needed - often for pain medicines.

Pro re nata when used as a legal term takes on a slightly different meaning of "for the existing occasion" or "as matters are".

Author's note: I cannot find any information that validates the definition in a previous writeup within this node stating that PRN stands for "per requisitam necessitatem"

PRN is an acronym for the Pseudo Random Noise signal. This is a pseudorandom stream sent by GPS satellites and used to determine the distance from the satellite to the receiver.

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