A rather trite poem brought on by a rather crappy day

She needs her lunch cut, 
And he needs a hug,
And she wants some cigarettes bought.

And he needs some research 
On Edison's stuff
And she needs the cat to be caught

The cat must be caught so
The doctor can see
The place where the other cat bit

And he needs a phone call 
So someone can hear
How his ex threw a horrible fit

And he needs a note for
His teacher to say
He wants to not go to RE

And she needs a partner
To play at Bingo
(Please gods, do not let it be me)

And she needs some transport
To get to her plane
For a weekend away with her guy

While he needs some comfort
And he needs some care
And I've left him there, high and dry..

And I need some quiet
And I need some peace
And I need some time to be loved

And sometimes all the needing 
Becomes far too big
And my own needs just seem to get shoved

It's good to feel needed
It's good to be wanted
It's great to be helpful and kind


Spare me your needing
The rest of the day
For I fear for the state of my mind

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