An umbrella organization covering the different organizations demonstrating against the World bank on the 24th of June 2002 in Oslo, Norway.

The group is spearheaded by the Oslo Attac and common for all of the participants is a strongly negative view of the politics of international trade. The many different fractions of Oslo 2002 has little to do with each other, and some outright don't like each other.

The police feared a riot-like state in Oslo under the demonstrations, due to violent occupational protestors coming from different places in Europe. The most dangerous ones (E.g. a swede currently charged with arson from the Göteborg riots) were stopped on the border and returned to their respective countries. Most of them were released after a background check.

The media reported in advance on what could happen, and Attac flatly denied it. Attac never seemed to realize that what the media and the police feared was not Attac, but the hardcore group of instigators and riot-makers.

The demonstration was carried out with only a couple of minor incidents, bringing about 10 000 people out on the streets in Oslo. (The homepage of Oslo 2002 claims 15 000, this is wrong. The official count from the police is 10 000)

Here are some of the organizations in Oslo 2002:

ATTAC Denmark
ATTAC Grünerløkka-Sofienberg
ATTAC Nesodden
ATTAC Norway
ATTAC Sweden
AUF in Oslo
Bergen Attac
Blindern Attac
Changemaker Blindern
Democratic Alternative
Pro-welfare state
Green Youth
The international women's alliance for peace
International Socialists
The women's front
The women's group Ottar
The Norwegian latin-America group
The Green Party
The revolutinary Marxist-Leninists
Nature and Youth
No to the EU
Noregs Mållag
The Norwegian Communist Party
The Communist youth society
Norsk Målungdom
Oslo Centre Party
Oslo Red Electorial Alliance
The Plaistine Union
Save the children, youth
Red Front, Blindern
Red Youth
The Red Electorial Alliance
Red Bastards
The National Alliance of the Centre Youth
Socialist Youth
The Socialist left party
The leaders of the Iranian house
The Union of Peoples Fedaian of Iran-Norsk comitee
Youth for a free Palestine
Youth against EU

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