A Danish company specializing in cartridge and stylus manufacturing for turntables.

Ortofon was founded by Axel Petersen and Arnold Poulsen in 1918. They started as Electrical Fonofilms Company A/S, producing systems for recording sound into film. Their achievements include being the first ones to provide fully synchronized sound to films plus outdoor film audio recording. After World War II they included record cutting and production equipment in their line-up, eventually moving to stereo cartridges and styluses.

Nowadays Ortofon A/S is one of the leading turntable accessory manufacturers, with the high-end Moving Coil cartridges and the Concorde DJ line being their most well known products. The quality of Ortofon equipment is often praised, and especially the DJ products blow away all competitors according to many. I simply love my Concorde Pro. :)

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