Orkworld is a role-playing game based on Orks, written by John Wick. But, rather than just accept the old cliche of immoral and dirty subhumans, John Wick makes them into a tragic people trying to survive in a hostile world.

He does this by giving them their own mythology, their own culture, and even their own psychology. He describes a people who are, in many ways, more human than most humans.

The "game" itself is interesting. I don't think I would ever run a game of Orkworld. It has interesting mechanics, but, I don't think I could use it for anything other than a game of dice. The real value of the book is to make you rethink how you use "cannon fodder" monsters in your role-playing games. (And not just orks, either. In fact, Orkworld makes you rethink the standard dwarf, elf, halfling, and even human.)

Orkworld is best described by the website www.orkworld.com ... It's one thing to be told about the story, it's another thing to view it from the author's own words.

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