DJ Orkidea from Helsinki, Finland started playing in the illegal parties at Oranssi in the early nineties at the age of 15. He's since grown to be one of Scandinavia's most successfull trance dj's, whose name is synonymous with quality in the domestic trance scene. He's played alongside most of the big names in the industry and toured major clubs, festivals and venues all over the world. Orkidea also hosts his own nation-wide radio show on YleX and regularly organises club events with his Unity crew.

Orkidea's sets are mainly composed of progressive house and trance with influences from breaks and techno.

His first major release was the massively succesful Unity (1999, Steelfish Records) followed by releases of his own material, remixes and signed artists through his Unity Records. These include the debut album Taika (2003, Unity Records), the single Melancholy (2004, Black Hole), Slusnik Luna's hit Sun (2001) and countless remixes.

Orkidea gives an impression of a professional, humble and hardworking person who is generally liked and respected by peers and audience alike. Unity's monthly summer clubs, often headlining a 6 hour set by Orkidea, have become classic events in the Finnish scene: they share an atmosphere of fun, friendliness and devotion to good music. Book early if you're thinking of going!

You can find more info on Orkidea and Unity at the website

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