He's a character from the manga/anime series Inuyasha, created by Rumiko Takahashi.

This contains spoilers of the series, so beware

Onigumo was a thief that was almoust burned alive. Because of the injuries he couldn't move and ended bandaged like a mummy. He was saved by the Shikon no Tama warden, Kikyo. She took him to a cave near to her village were she and her little sister Kaede could take care of him.

When time passed, Onigumo started to desire both Kikyo and the Shikon no Tama -you know, the whole package- but then he found out that she and our favorite dog boy Inuyasha were in love, and he burned -again?- in jealousy.

And jealousy went to hate -the dark side of the Force- and his anger was so big that he attracted a great number of demons. So, Onigumo offered them his soul in exchange of power enough to take the Shikon no Tama and Kikyo.

But he was still a human, and his conscience wasn't strong enough to keep control over the demons who had their own agenda. What was left of Onigumo was buried in a small corner of the mind of this new being.

This is how Naraku was created.

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