A party is in progress. Rave music rattles the walls. DONNIE and GREG sit at a filthy kitchen table, littered with half empty liquor bottles and crushed beer cans.
Greg is swaying drunkenly and Donnie is holding a revolver.
GREG Ah dude, again? You maniac, you can't get enough. Hey HALEY, get in here. Donnie's about to try his luck again.
Haley staggers into the kitchen and slowly absorbs the scene.
HALEY Donnie, why the fuck do you have a gun?
GREG Evidently you've never seen Donnie drunk. He does this every time he drinks. He's like a roulette whiz kid.
Haley throws sardonic glance in Greg's direction and then opens her mouth to speak.
DONNIE This isn't just a gun, as a matter of fact, it's a Smith & Wesson model 36 chambered in .357 magnum. This weapon is a masterpiece.
HALEY What exactly are you gonna do with it. Should you be playing with your gun when you're schnockered?
GREG Man, last weekend he played like seven times. He's a showman. It's quite a spectacle.
DONNIE Haley, it's called Russian roulette. Observe. I'm going to load one, only one, chamber. Now...
We see Haley's eyes widen and her jaw hang slightly open as she envisions the mayhem that seems inevitable.
DONNIE (O.C.) (cont.) you spin the cylinder like so. And once it locks...
CLOSE UP of the revolver as Donnie thumb-cocks the hammer.
DONNIE (cont.) put it to your head, and pull the trigger. Once for kicks. Twice if you're feeling real lucky. Three if you need a thrill.
CLOSE UP of Haley's eyes, clenched shut. We hear three hollow clicks reverberate. We pull out as she opens her eyes to see Greg's face contorted in pure joyous silent laughter.
Donnie stares Haley square in the eyes, smirking a little.
DONNIE See how that works? Here Greg, you try it.
Donnie tosses Greg the magnum. Greg seems to have regained his composure, but is wiping tears of laughter from his eyes.
GREG I've got a feeling it's in the last chamber. Should I do it Haley?
HALEY (frantically) Absolutely not! Donnie's an idiot.
DONNIE Bite me Haley, and Greg, for Christ's sake, spin the cylinder. The model 36...
We hear Click, BANG! In slow motion we see the kitchen painted
with Greg's brain, we hear Haley shrieking in the back ground.

DONNIE (O.C.) (cont.) a five-shooter. Goddammit.

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