Back in the days when I could afford to subscribe to "Premiere" magazine, I was often able to predict, before even opening the magazine, what at least one of the letters to the editor would be about: some actress who appeared on the cover of the mag in a sexy pose wearing low-cut/tight/skin-baring clothing. The tone of the letter often mixed left-wing feminist rhetoric ("How dare you objectify Julia Roberts!") with right-wing fear of sex ("How dare you show Salma Hayek's cleavage!"), while missing the obvious point that, if they wanted to see Sandra Bullock wearing something properly zipped up to the chin, they should've been reading "Good Housekeeping".

Of course, whenever some shirtless hunk appeared on the cover, the letters column was filled to the rim with "Oh God! Brad Pitt! Wearing a thong! Ohhh GOD! Mmm! Unh! Oh, YES! Oh JESUS FUCKING CHRIST YES!"

Sometimes someone would even read the articles and comment on them, too. Boy, that was a red letter day...

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