An interesting religious sect/community that lookes very similar to the Amish, but is in fact completely different.
Behind a healthy, apple-cheeked, black-and-white appearance the Omish hide high-tech resources and capabilities that would make Silicon Valley blush.

Take the hat. They wear a big black hat, and in fact it is a dish antenna. They have a large satellite, practically invisible to normally available technology, and every Amish enjoys the equivalent of a T3 feed, screaming out of the sky and hitting his hat !
Take the black clothes. Modesty, you say. Hah: little you imagine that they wear black because it absorbs solar energy, which they use to power the various wearable computing and communication devices that they constantly carry. And there is another reason: black is cool, as they know in fashion.
And they hack. All day long. It may look like a relaxed lifestyle, driving along in a buggy. But while they drive, they hack megabytes of code. Some of them are crackers, very dangerous because of their mild appearance and perfect manners.

They are the Omish. They whistle to faxes. They talk 300 baud and whistle V.32 among themselves. Every one of them encrypts at 2048 bits. Be very afraid.

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