Popeye's girlfriend, and one of the skinniest characters in the cartoon universe. Her arms and legs are thin cylinders just a little wider than Popeye's fingers, and her torso is a cylinder just wide enough to reach from leg to leg when she's standing straight up. Her head is billiard ball-round, atop the skinniest imaginable neck.

In many cartoons, her body goes limp as cooked spaghetti in one scene or another, usually to show some sort of deep emotion for Popeye.

Olive was originally one of the stars of the Thimble Theater comic strip by E.C. Segar. Her brother's name was Castor Oyl and she had a short, stout, amiable boyfriend named Ham Gravy. When Ham and Castor hatched a money-making scheme that involved a long sea voyage, they hired a scruffy, disreputable sailor named Popeye. Popeye and Olive didn't get along well at all in the beginning, but as the spinach-eating roughhouser rose in popularity, Segar had Olive ditch her old flame and hook up with Popeye the sailor man.

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