Some people think that cooked greens are a Southern dish, and that Northerners only eat salads. This is not true. 'Panned' greens are as old as the Republic, and probably as old as the New World, being an Iberian dish of great repute (and also North Africa, and even the Sub-Sahara). As a Portuguese/ fisherman's dish, every Old Yankee knows this:

To feed four, as a side dish:
4 cups greens (prepared as below)
2 cloves garlic
Olive oil
crushed dried cayenne pepper as desired (lots)

Spinach, Lamb's quarters, collards, turnip, kale or mustard greens can be used for this dish.

First, strip the greens. This is crucial. Take out the central ribs, and anything that looks fibrous. Chop small. (Note: some people like ribs, for their crunch/chewiness factor. Evaluate your audience.)

Olive oil loves spinach the way Popeye loves…you get what they were trying to say. Extra virgin, if you please. (Just like Olive...My mind is boggling, already...I Yam what I Yam?) Heat it up till sizzling in a cast-iron pan, and add your garlic cloves, coarsely chopped. Chase them around for a minute and then add the greens.

Clap a lid on it, turn the heat down to medium, and wait five minutes.

Voila! Perfect greens! Toss on red pepper as desired, and serve!

What? Ain't you ever seen a Yankee before?

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