"Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-oooo..."

An old english song about some farmer who seems to have quite a lot of different animals, all of them making strange sounds. May be seen as an archaic version of the more recent "Pet Sounds".

Exists in several languages. For example, in French, McDonald goes by the name of "Mathurin". To complete the song, see "Noises animals make in different languages".
where x equals a farm animal, and y equals the noise it makes:

old macdonald had a farm (e i e i o),
and on that farm he had a(n) x (e i e i o),
with a y, y, here
and a y, y, there
here a y, there a y,
everywhere a y, y,
old macdonald had a farm (e i e i o)!

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