...and finally, I have hit my form in a hella exciting way.

Much as I would have loved to take a few batsmen out with the ball, I never got the opportunity; last week I was taken apart with 73 runs scored off 8 overs (that's a lot) at the cost of two wickets, both catches; this week I was given a 14-run flogging off my 2 overs. My captain didn't want to take the risk that he took last week, and I have to agree with him: we lost by 90 runs last week. This week we lost by 28, but I did at least have a decent hand in it, taking two catches and scoring my all-time best score yet: 36 runs. Many cricket fans will be thinking "36 isn't much" but as soon as I got off the field I looked at the scorebook and thought "HELLZ YEAH!" as it had not only beaten my previous best score of 28, but it was also second-highest in the team for that game and third-highest for the entire match. (I was beaten by a 37 - harsh as hell - and a 72.)

It was hella draining. I eased into it, but as soon as I started I couldn't stop. The majority of my first few shots went over or through slips - my favourite shot - but I scored well from them, and then drinks came. I reapplied sunscreen, had a drink, and got stuck into it again. It soon became apparent that I was the last stand - I was losing partners all around me - so I kept going. Some of my best batting ever saw me hit two boundaries in a row at one point - the hapless legspinner at the other end kept coming, and I kept edging it away from the stumps. Eventually I succumbed to a medium paced ball and was caught at silly midwicket. Thinking I'd made a score of low 20s I went and looked at the scorebook, only to see that the scorers hadn't yet added up my score. So I added it up myself.

I'm going to get a half-century next week.

Preliminary Path Report (Insert Ugly Emoticon Here)

The preliminary biopsy results are "consistent with a metastatic recurrence of breast cancer". As of the moment, that's pretty much all we know - I got this from an on-call doc whom I don't know, not from any of the regular doctors. I go in to talk with my oncologist on Monday, and then will have a much better idea of what the next line of treatment is, and whether it's possible to cure it, or only to control it.

I'm glad I nagged my doctor to take a second look at the lymph nodes....

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