Being a video game dork I really have nothing else to talk about other than new video games coming out. The one that I am really interested is in Guitar Hero 4. The only concern that I have is the same concern I had when the original Rock Band came out, are the peripherals going to give hand jobs for food stamps? I have killed about 5 different sets for the original Rock Band either through hard use or fits of anger.

Best Buy has taken all 5 sets back no question because of the amazing two year warranty purchase but the pain of taking it back was about as annoying as an itchy nut sack.

I am pretty sure Guitar Hero 4 is going to take a massive shit on Rock Band 2 due to the most excellent layout of the drums and the better songs on the released list. The new layout for Guitar Hero 4 drum set has 3 toms and two cymbals and a base pedal equaling six different response pads. Rock Band has only 4 toms and a base pedal giving it five response pads. Though Rock Band 2 has extra peripherals you can buy, an extra base pedal for double base, and two cymbals. But there are just extra shits you can hit instead of what is already there. They are not new pads just extra of the same response.

Having Rock Band 2 already I am disappointed in many different areas of the game. First off is that half of the songs lick my left nut. They should of just came out with like fifty good songs. Where the hell is Pantera an other Gods of rock? I think they just went for what licenses they could get from a quicky in the storage room. Their simplistic beats that they also imposed on allot of the drumbeats really chap my ass. I can play every song on expert drums except for four and the ones I can play are not that hard and don't follow the right drum patterns. Some songs are almost on key like Red Hot Chili Peppers "Give it Away" but other songs just leave the taste of mung in my mouth.

Another extra for Guitar Hero 4 is the mini recording studio they give you. In the game you can make your own songs and save them. Once they are saved you can play the songs in the actual game. This gives a new freedom to share your creations with the world and make songs that are not featured in GH4.

For Guitar Hero 4 I am really looking forward to the new drum setup, most righteous. It will give the feel like you are actually playing drums rather than actually playing them ha. The song list is solid and can be summed up in two words "FUCKING AWESOME". Michael "I will touch your child" Jackson's "Beat It" going to be played at least a million times with the glove on. The Mars Volta, Interpol, and Zakk "I am so cool I was in a episode of ATHF" Wylde.

If you are now thinking to yourself “Why don’t you just learn to play the actual instruments?” Well that is just gay.

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