OOIOO is Yoshimi P-We (sometimes Pee-Wee) -- although a full-fledged band, Yoshimi produces, records vocals and plays most of the instruments for them. You may know Yoshimi from the Boredoms, for whom she sang, drummed and played horns.

The other members of the band are Kyoko (guitars), Maki (bass), and Yoshiko (drums).


    Polystar PSCR-5591, 1997
  • Feather Float
    Polystar PSCR-5739, 1999
  • Gold & Green
    Polystar PSCR-5912, 2000

Legend has it that the members of OOIOO came together to back Yoshimi up for a mock photo shoot. This was in 1997; ever since then, American hipsters have been importing albums. This has been made a bit easier lately, since Kill Rock Stars has been reissuing their albums -- as of 6/26/2001, 'Feather Float' was the latest.

Even the All-Music Guide skimps out on descriptions of their sound, leaving it at "a furious amalgam of rhythmic guitars, patternless vocals, and energetic effects", but it's impossible to read press on OOIOO without hearing mention both of the sheer, unmitigated joy of their music and the impossibility of describing it.

For those of you worried about the Boredoms connection, don't fret... Yamataka Eye only makes guest appearances.

OOIOO is pronounced "OOIOO", but I've heard Weezer fans pronounce it "oo-wee-oo".

A symbol meaning the middle finger. People tend to use it in SMS text and in chat rooms.

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