Nukezone is an online, text-based war game, located at, which would probably count as an MMORPG with its over 35,000 active players. It can played through your browser of choice. There are currently no plans to create any sort of client application to run the game.

The purpose of Nukezone is to create a province, build, research, create an army, join a clan and (optionally) go to war with other provinces.

Nukezone is free to play, however has a limit of 1000 users online. Upgrading to a Gold User (USD$7 per round) negates this limit and enables one to log on at any time. Gold Users also get other options including Sounds, Auto Logon, a Special Edition colour theme and more.

Each round lasts three months. At the end of the round, various Medals are awarded, Province Statistics are compiled and e-mailed to all users, and then reset. All buildings, research, money, and points are cleared, and everyone restarts from zero. This gives newer Clans and Provinces a chance to hit the Top 100 lists.


Attacking is one of the foundations of the game. After you build your various units, you are free to attack anyone within your range. Your success depends on you sending in more units than your target can defend against.

Clan Types:

There are two basic types of clans:

  • Networth Clan:

  • The total sum of the provinces belongings (including research) contributes to his/her Networth. The Networth Clan does not typically go to war, as war is very expensive. By avoiding war, one can dedicate their entire income to building their networth higher.

  • War Clan:

  • This clan type is focussed centrally on warring with other clans. When at war, Clan Points are gained, depending on the percentage of damage you inflict on your target. A kill counts for 10 points. A missile strike will score max points for the particular war type in which your clan is engaged (5 or 10).

    War Types:

    There are two types of war. They are simply:

    • One-Way War:
    • When one clan declares war on another clan, however the other clan does not declare war back, there are attack restrictions in place. Nameley, players at a given networth can only attack other players within their range. Large provinces may only attack large ones, likewise for the smaller players.
      While engaged in One-Way War, attacks will score between 1 - 5 Clan Points.
    • Mutual War:

    • Mutual war begins when both clans have declared war on each other. When this happens, all attack restrictions are removed, and any clan member can attack any member in the enemy clan, regardless of the size of the opponent. In this mode, the Clan Points recieved while attacking are doubled.


    There are ten different sciences that may be researched. By default, 1 Turn = 1 Research Point. Every 50 Research Labs that are built will increase this at a rate of 1 Research Point per turn.

    • Engineer Effectiveness: Increases the amount of buildings you can build per turn. The maximum limit is 15 buildings per turn (2500 sciences); default is 5 buildings per turn.
    • Improved Exploring: Increases the amount of land you get for each turn spent on exploring. The maximum limit is 50% (2000 sciences).
    • Market Discount: Gives you discount on all market merchandise. The maximum limit is 30% (1200 sciences).
    • Missile Accuracy: Makes your missiles hit the target more often. The maximum limit is 85% (1200 sciences); default is 5% accuracy.
    • Money Production: Increases your income per hour. The maximum limit is $25 000 per hour (3750 sciences), default is $2500 per hour.
    • Power Plant Efficiency: Increases the amount of power each power plant produces. The maximum limit is 50% above normal (1500 sciences).
    • Radar Equipment: Improves your chance of finding out which enemy sent the missile. The maximum limit is 85% (1200 sciences).
    • Satellite Technology: Gives you the knowledge to construct satellites. 100% satellite technology is needed in order to construct any satellites. The maximum limit is 100% (1500 sciences).
    • Security System: Makes enemy thieves steal less money from you. It will not protect you from enemy thieves in any other way. The maximum limit is 100% (2000 sciences).
    • Thief Education: Teaches your thieves to steal more money and also to be stealthier. The maximum limit is 300% (3000 sciences).


    Balancing Factors:

    Like any good game, there needs to be some limiting factor that will make the game a challenge. The limiting factors found in Nukezone are:

    • Turns: Turns are equal to time. You will recieve 1 turn every 20 minutes. Turns are spent during attacks, thievery, espionage, research, and building. When your province is created, you are given 125 turns. A maximum of 300 turns may be stored. When you hit 300 turns, you stop recieving them. However, you can still recieve the Clan Bonus when you have 300 turns.

    • Money: At the creation of your province, you will be gifted $250,000. By default, your income is $2,500 per hour. This can be researched up to $25,000 per hour.

    • Morale: All attacks, including Snipers and Thieves (but not including Satellites or Spies), use morale. When the morale of your army is too low, then you cannot perform the selected attack. Morale is gained at 20% per hour.


    Much of this information has been gleaned directly from the Nukezone Manual ( written by Stefan Karlström, Stephen Parkers and Dave St.Onge.

    The rest is from my head.

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