Happy November, Noders. It's been a fun month as illustrated by my mad dash to the end. Here's to IRON NODER 2015.


Greetings and welcome. Unlike many who make resolutions on January first, I like to get a 31 day jump start on thinking about the next year. I can't remember whose idea this was, but it's stuck with me. Going forward I want to walk for at least one hour per day outside. I want to give $100 a month to church, and I want to contribute $50 a month to my retirement account. I want to keep going to my knitting club meetings and I'd like to get into a better workout routine that utilizes weights. Ever since I fractured my fibula back in August my left foot fatigues more easily than it has in the past. I probably have some soft tissue damage there. I should call and find out what sort of physical therapy benefits my insurance company offers, I keep meaning to do that and somehow the day passes without making that call. Tomorrow I'm going to buy some mouse traps and expanding foam. I need a game plan for this place that's more concrete and specific, two things that I struggle mightily with no matter how old I get as if increased numbers alone are going to contribute to greater wisdom.

I slept very poorly last night and couldn't nap when I tried laying down in my daughter's room. Their rooms seem less allergenic than mine or at least I feel like I can breathe better in there as opposed to my own room. My aunt called, I was so grateful that she did, I feel like I could put my head down on the dining room table and go straight to sleep. I made myself a lavender basil infusion which was a mistake since it made me drowsier than I was before. Later on I'll take an Epsom salts bath. I stopped at the store with my daughter to pick up chicken nuggets for the girls to take in their lunches. I had made chicken, but there's not much left and I feel like it's a cop out, but my youngest took a lunch full of straight carbs and I know she'll eat those stupid chicken pieces. My living room is still full of books. I need to come up with a number to keep or a space to put them in, it's funny how quickly I begin forming emotional attachments to things. I could get rid of my dishes, but then I won't have them when people come over. Silly how I continue to hang onto things for reasons like that, storing a complete set of dishes for the two or three times a year I'll use them if that. 

Today I'm happy that I got up and went for a walk despite really not wanting to get out of bed at all. It's on days like this that I wish I could curl into the covers and sleep forever. My asthma kicked my butt today, I hate feeling like I can't breathe, the horrible suffocating chest tightness that doesn't fully go away after I use my inhaler is frightening and draining. I'm sure part of this is because I'm tired, but I'm feeling glum and melancholy tonight. I got another footwear writeup done, hooray for education and writing, when I'm done I'm hoping to string everything together into a system I can use to present to clients. I used to worry more about trying to present things clinically, but then I realized how boring and stilted that was so I decided to just be myself and have some fun with it. It's not like anyone else is coming up with anything better and if people think what I'm writing could be topped they're welcome to supercede it. I don't feel inspired to write more today, maybe tomorrow will be better, maybe I write too much as it is.

P.S. I finally got a text from leuryaks who is still alive. I can't think of the last time I got a text that filled me with that kind of relief. RORO.

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