These are the major Norwegian political parties, listed in rough order from left to right (particularly hazy around the center).

Parties (currently) represented in the parliament:

Rød Valgallianse          (RV)  "Red Election Alliance"
Sosialistisk Venstreparti (SV)  "Socialist Left Party"
Arbeiderpartiet           (AP)  "The Labour Party"
Senterpartiet             (SP)  "The Center Party"
Kristelig Folkeparti      (KrF) "Christian People Party"
Venstre                   (V)   "Left"
Kystpartiet                     "Coastal Party"
Høyre                     (H)   "Right"
Fremskrittspartiet        (FrP) "The Progress Party"                 

Other, smaller parties:

Arbeidernes Kommunistparti, marxist-leninistene (AKP/m-l) "The Workers' Communist Party, marxist-leninists"
De Grønne                                                 "The Green"
Naturlovspartiet                                (NLP)     "Natural Law Party"
Pensjonistpartiet                               (PP)      "Pensioner Party"
Nasjonalalliansen                               (NA)      "National Alliance"
Thanks to Nordicfrost for contributions!

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