My current Medium Format camera, the Norita 66 is a Single Lens Reflex 6cm x 6cm camera based on a design extrapolated from the Nikon F series (but obviously increased in size and weight to afford coverage for the larger negative). The Norita uses either 120 or 220 film, but supposedly isn't trust-worthy with the latter (although I've never had a problem).

I've fallen in love with this camera, and after years of buying and subsequently selling used old MF cameras one after another (ebay is a wonderful thing) I've settled on the Norita (at least until I can afford a Mamiya 7).

The Norita possesses a simple, straightforward design. It looks and feels exactly like a bigger, badder 35mm camera. The same design was also eventually used for the Pentax 67 after the Norita was discontinued. The Norita uses a focal plane shutter that allows flash synch at 1/30th of a second. If this isn't enough for you, there is a leaf shutter lens (70mm) that replaces the body's internal shutter.

This thing looks and feels a little bit like a tank. My first Norita (which I later replaced with another) had obviously been dropped from a great distance (big ole dent - right on the prism) with no real damange done save for the cosmetic.

The following lenses are available for the Norita 66:

  • 40mm f4.0
  • 55mm f4.0
  • 70mm f3.5 (leaf shutter - and btw, this lens is huge, don't ask me why... imperfect 70s technology and design budget limitations no doubt...)
  • 80mm f2.0 (this lens is the reason I first looked at the Norita - f2.0 for Medium Format is unheard of, and since the majority of my work was ambient low-light at the time... it was important.
  • 160mm f4.0
  • 240mm f4.0

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