Quite possibly the sexiest camera I've ever had the honor of holding, touching and shooting.

The Mamiya 7 is a superb medium format rangefinder camera. It is light-weight (2.6 lbs), smallish for medium format(6"x4"x5"), whisper quiet and has an excellent focusing system - unlike many MF rangerfiders such as the Fuji varieties. It is also quite expensive, but that comes with the territory.

The Mamiya 7 has built in metering with 1/3 step compensation. It utilizes an in-the-lens leaf shutter (4sec - 1/500th) that gives it full flash synch. It uses the 6cm x 7cm format on 120 film or 220 film.

The Mamiya 7 is designed with a number of extremely high quality lenses to choose from:
(35mm equilivant in parenthesis)

  • 43mm f/4.5 (21mm)
  • 50mm f/4.5 (25mm)
  • 65mm f/4.0 (32mm)
  • 80mm f/4.0 (39mm)
  • 150mm f/4.5 (71mm)
  • 210mm f/8 (105mm)
I give thanks to the Medium Format Digest for all research data.

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