A Single Lens Reflex Medium Format camera based on the out of production Norita 66 which itself was designed after the Nikon F series - so unlike most SLR MF cameras the design is familiar to 35mm users (ie - it fits up against your eye and lacks interchangeable film backs). The Pentax 67 uses the 6x7cm format and allows for either 120 or 220 film. The camera uses a focal plane shutter that allows for flash synch at 1/30th of a second.

The Pentax 67 is a relatively good camera. It's inexpensive in comparison to other MF systems (a Pentax 67 body costs about as much as a Hasselblad film back), has a very wide range of lenses and is mechanically solid. I hear a lot of good things about them - but in another sense I wouldn't give up my Norita for one. The extra weight just isn't worth it - for me, the primary reason to buy a camera with this design over the design of a Hasselblad or other like it (Bronica, Mamiya RB67) is that it lends itself to hand held photography (as opposed to using a tripod), which I found very difficult with the Pentax 67 - with a lens it is prohibitively heavy and bulky.

Available lenses for the Pentax 67:

  • 35mm f4.5 fisheye
  • 45mm f4.0
  • 55mm f4.0
  • 55mm-100mm f4.5 zoom
  • 75mm f4.5
  • 75mm f4.5 shift lens allows for perspective correction
  • 90mm f2.8
  • Takumar 90mm f2.8 with leaf shutter
  • 100mm f4.0 macro lens
  • 105mm f2.4
  • 120mm f3.5 soft focus
  • 135mm f4.0 macro lens
  • 165mm f2.8
  • 165mm f4.0 with leaf shutter
  • 200mm f4.0
  • 300mm f4.0
  • 400mm f4.0
  • 500mm f5.6
  • 800mm f6.7
  • Takumar 1000mm f8.0

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