Noonsa, a fishman from Slayers, much like Rahanimu. Noonsa was slow, dumbwitted, and really wanted to give Lina Inverse a kiss. After pursuing Lina in an underwater battle where she couldn't use her magic because it was "that time of the month", Zelgadis arrives and kills Noonsa by trapping him in a Ray Wing and casting Fireball. His comrades, upon finding him nicely cooked, decide to eat him.

Noonsa appears in Episode 5 of the first series, "ESCAPE! Noonsa, the Flaming Fish Man." He dies in this episode, and then is eaten by his friends in Episode 6, "FOCUS! Rezo's the Real Enemy!" His attacks consist of charging at Lina underwater, which he fails at every time, and shooting spikes from his back all around the area, which makes it impossible his victims to swim to the surface.

Kiiiiss... Kiiiiiiiiiss... I am the most beautiful member of my tribe!

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