Noatun (no, you can't pronounce it correctly, so don't try) is, as of this writing, the 'Pet' media player for the KDE Project. At the moment., it is one of the more visually stunning players available for KDE2, and *nix in general. Among other things is support for k-jofol and Sonique-style arbitrary shaped skins, allowing Noatun to become any shape you like.

The built in media support is average -- Microsoft WAV, MP3, OggVorbis, MPEG-1, and DivX ;-) -- but has a robust pluggin design that allows easy building of extended capabilities modules.

Noatun - Negative Opus And Twisted Ultra Nuances

Noatun is nothing more than a plugin loader with an aRts interface. Because of its modular design, plugins could be written to do just about anything.

It is the brainchild of Charles Samuels with help from Neil Stevens, Stefan Westerfeild, Martin Vogt, Malte Starostik, Nikolas Zimmermann and Stefan Schimanski.

Plugin list bundled with noatun as of CVS HEAD 04-29-2002 is as follows. The ones in bold are enabled by default:

  1. AlsaPlayer - Modern virtual cd player like interface
  2. Charlatan - Sleek, efficient, uses very little of your valuable desktop space (also my favorite)
  3. Excellent - Simple but looks more like an ugly cd player
  4. K-Jofol - Loader for K-Jofol skins
  5. Kaiman - GQMpeg skin interface
  6. Milk-Chocolate - Simple but looks like it was designed for a blind grandmother
  7. WinAmp Interface - Winamp skin loader, by default looks very much like XMMS
  1. Hayes - Filesystem based playlist
  2. Split Playlist - The name is terribly inaccurate. Again, very simple.
  1. Blurscope - A fading monoscope
  2. Monoscope - Waveform analyzer
  3. Synaescope - Uh.. I don't know how to describe this one..
  4. Tippecanoe - Seems to be the same vis as Synaescope
  5. Tyler - A port of Infinity (xmms) to Noatun
  6. Voiceprint - Self explanatory
And the rest
  1. HTML Playlist export - 'nuff said
  2. Infrared Control - Kick ass! Now you can change songs from across the room!
  3. Keyz - Global shortcuts
  4. Lucky Tag Reader - Uses the filename to display ID3 tags
  5. Madness - And I quote: "A weird and annoying scope that moves your windows"
  6. Network Interface - A read only network interface
  7. Pitchable Playing Sound - Adds a slider widget for adjusting playback speed
  8. Tag Reader - Reading/writing tags in your songs
  9. WakeUp - Alarm clock
  10. Wave Capture - Self explanatory
  11. Young Hickory - Adds a control to the KDE system tray
Sources: and obsessive use on my desktop box.

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