Noah the Drunkard, and My Sister the Tramp

I had always thought of Noah (of the book of Genesis) as an exemplary human being. Of course, he wasn't perfect as no one is, but out of a world populated with corruption and evil, only he and his family were spared. A voice came out of the sky! It told him to build a boat in a place far from any large body of water. Over the years that he built it, he took a lot of crap. He was mocked, and accused of being crazy, but through faith he continued his work. Then God, in turn, saved him. Even if you only believe it to be a story, that's freakin' inspiring.

(after the flood...)"And Noah began to be a farmer, and he planted a vineyard. Then he drank of the wine and was drunk, and he became uncovered in his tent." Genesis 9:20-1

Some hero.

My sister was always perfect. She recieved good grades, she was in the highly gifted magnet, captain of the science bowl team, and never got in a speck of trouble. She wanted to go the senior end-of-the-year party. She had been to parties before, of course, those were basically parties of close friends. The police were never called in and no one got drunk. This party, however, was not just close friends. Basically the whole 12th grade was invited. This wasn't a dance, and it was not school organized. She didn't come home that night, atleast not before I went to sleep (around 11:00). That was fairly understandable. These types of parties have been known to go to 1:00 am or even later. Most of these highschool students considered themselves adults. Most of them were eighteen and thought they were responsible enough to drink... ok, maybe they knew they shouldn't drink, but hey: they were graduating! No more homework, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks! Anyway, she wasn't home when I woke up. My mother was sitting at our breakfast table with her hands over her mouth and the phone right at her side. As soon I walked in, I saw her eyes well up with tears as she signaled me over with her arms to give her a hug. I knew something was wrong, but I couldn't tell the level of seriousness yet.

My sister was at the doctor having some tests done. Atleast that's what I was told. They were holding her after being seriously injured. She was also meeting with some sort of psychologist.

This is all what I've pieced together from what I've heard. No one ever told me a full version of the story. Even when they did tell me something I never knew if it was true. I was eleven. My sister saw the guy that she liked that night and went over to ask him to dance. He didn't really want to dance, but he had no problem with drinking. He offered her one but she refused. Remember, goody two shoes' don't break the law. When she went to the bathroom there was an uproar of laughter from the group of guys she was hanging with and when she got back the had some juice prepared for her. Of course, it was "non-alchoholic". I can't believe my sister. That she would just trust this guy even though this was basically her first time meeting him shocked me. She knows all of the stories. She even attended some walk informing females about violent crimes against women. And she accepted a drink from this guy??

I wanted to talk to my sister but every time I walked into her room, she didn't say anything. She just layed in her bed facing the wall without saying a word. I just ran back out shutting the door behind me. Sometimes she would come down to eat something. Once or twice a day. Her skin looked so pale and it was so hard to see her pretty blue eyes contrasting against it. Her hair was dirty and mangled, mostly from the endless tossing and turning she did. My room was right next to her's and I could tell that she was restless. I would wake up in the middle of the night and hear her crying. Out of nowhere.

I could see several bottles and pills in a mess around the bathroom counter. Not just the regular decongestants. "Anti-Depression", "Sedatives", "Energy Enhancement"? The same nightgown she wore had stains on it and she always looked like she was decaying. She had bags under her eyes and looked like she wanted to shout out to the world, but she never yelled. Ever. I got so sick just thinking about it sometimes that I just had to run into the bathroom and vomit.

One day, I was playing with our computer in our living room and my sister walked in. She said we needed to have a talk. She told me "the real story". It wasn't the guy she liked. It was some girls that didn't like her. Then they told the guy to go over to her, and he took advantage of her. She said she still had small flasbacks of that night and that they were horrible; that she felt like she had left her body and was watching herself as it happened. She had already told mom, but mom didn't want to tell me so I shouldn't mention it around her.

I could hear my mother retelling the story on the phone many times when she thought I wasn't around. Now, I think they might have been lawyers or family members. It wasn't until she first spoke to our pastor, that I finally heard her retell the story, except she didn't cry. It was such a relief to see her smile. I hadn't seen that in a while. When my sister told me, she smiled too. Both of these things nearly made me cry. I exhaled for the first time in a while and felt satisfied with the breath.

My sister wasn't to blame. She was a victim, but the guy was charged with a few years in prison and got out. It wasn't much. My mother kept fighting for more until my sister had to ask her to stop. It had gone on too long and realized tha she could never recover if they couldn't let it all go sometime, not that she forgt. No, she would never forget. For the few months that she still lived with us after that she would still wake up often in a cold sweat, crying. It was hard for all of us. She tried hypnosis, which seemed to work but she just called my house last night saying that it had come back.

I continued reading on, "And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father and told his brothers outside...they did not see their father's nakednesss."

Because of the change in climate, their had been an unexpected fermentation. That is what leads to drunkenness. Noah did not become drunk on purpose. It was not his fault. But while he was asleep and naked, his son saw him and even though it was not written, it was implied that he had sinful thoughts about him. Perhaps he thought he had finally caught his father in a sinful act and was trying to rub it in his face by telling his brothers. Ham had tried to fabricate a lie while his father was vulnerable.

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