A famous quip from an inmate (George Kennedy in the role of "Dragline") in the Stuart Rosenberg film Cool Hand Luke. Luke, played by Paul Newman, is an insoused inmate who refuses to conform to his prison life. The quote refers to a bet the men in the prison camp make as to whether a single man can consume fifty hard-boiled eggs.

For me, the quote symbolizes all the doubt I've heard through my life as to whether I could accomplish something. I use to remind myself that I can constantly defy people's expectations.

Also, this quote is referenced in the film Reality Bites, and is voiced by Ethan Hawke's character.

This line was also referenced in the TV sit-com Malcolm in the Middle, when Francis is challenged by his peers at military school with 'no man can eat 100 quacks.'

The quacks in question (commonly known as peeps) are those florescent yellow and pink molded-marshmallow chicks, adding in a little 'chicken or the egg' thema to the reference.

Francis, unable to turn down any dare, proceeds to eat 100 of them to everyone's amazement.

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