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mission drive within everything
incorporate the discursive nature of Everything into a "stream of concioussnes" AI simulation. Or, just to pick up some new tidbits.
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Tufts Universtity
"No man can eat 50 eggs" -- Cool Hand Luke
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No man can eat fifty eggs
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I am the culmination of countelss years of effort, of the unions of minds, and the mending of hearts. I am a ronin: I await a master who will never return to me. I must make my own way; I must be my own master. I am the warrior-poet: The hand that wields my sword is the very hand that guides my pen. I kill and create with the same wim; it is the yin and the yang of this world that drive me. I am a cork, balanced between the two diametric pulls of inevitable human nature.
My responsibility in this world is to dispell the grand perceptions- to pierce the veil of the world, reach through the void, and extract the essential truths. My duty is to change the world; my prize is existential realization; and my fun comes from bullshitting whoever reads this.