Dan Bern's second full-length album (1998, Sony Work Records). Produced by Righteous Babe Records' Ani DiFranco, who also contributed vocals, guitar, and organ accompaniment, after the two folksingers toured together in 1997. I envy everyone who saw one of those shows, but apparently artistic differences between Ani and the singer temporarily known as Bernstein led to something of a rift between the two, which seems to have only been healed recently (Dan opened for several of Ani's solo acoustic performances in 2002). Many Bernstein fans consider Fifty Eggs his weakest work, believing it to have been rushed to completion as a result of the aforementioned conflict. Others simply prefer the results of Dan's collaboration with producer Wil Masiak, a veteran of several Bruce Springsteen albums. Personally, while I agree this album isn't Bernstein's best work, I think it would be a mistake to dismiss it entirely.

Track list:

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