An EP by Scottish post-rock/noise terrorists Mogwai, released in 1998 on Chemikal Underground records. Track listing:

  1. Christmas Steps

  2. Rollerball

  3. Helps Both Ways replaced on the actual EP with:

  4. Small Children in the Background

Christmas Steps is possibly the definitive Moggies track ever, being around 12 minutes long, playing the quiet-LOUD!-quiet card with bowel-evacuating power and concluding with gorgeous violin parts. Helps Both Ways, meanwhile, was removed from the EP after the promo stage, as it contained unauthorised samples of a commentary from American football geezer John Madden, including the phrase of the title, "really he helps both ways". It was resurrected for the album "Come On Die Young" with substitute commentary spoken by an actor.

The "fuck the curfew" element of the title is a political statement on the UK government's latest trick of trying out all their shitty new policies in Scotland first before inflicting them on the rest of the island (see also: poll tax). In this case, there was a crackdown on youths of 16 or any younger being out after 8pm, or something equally ridiculous. The band also distributed the message in lovely handwriting-on-yellow stickers, one of which can be seen under my bass' control knobs.

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