Abomination currently being propagated by the New York City MTA.

In an attempt to spruce up the signs that tell you when a train you would really like to ride won't be available, the MTA has issued brand new signs written in large block letters and colorful banners that hopefully will get the attention of more people and cause less complaints about absent trains.

Going hand in hand with this is an agressive ad campaign telling riders not to get "caught unaware" that your train might be "making stops it never has before".

As mysterious as all that might be, we suddenly get the evening train schedule renamed as "Nites" - no doubt to go along with the fact that we all think of Lite Brite when and Nite Lites whenever we ride the new happy trains that talk to us in friendly voices and illuminate the subway maps to show where exactly we might be at any given time...

Now... I'm not certain if someone upstairs is lacking braincells, feels the need to be clever or simply thinks all those 'g's and 'h's went the way of the dinosaurs but the fact that all MTA construction orders now carry the title Nites when trains are rescheduled during evening hours really makes me grind my teeth.

I'm not the sort to get all bent out of shape worrying about the future of the English language - but do we really want public messages from our government encouraging such abominations?

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