A character in The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis; a Black Dwarf who fell in with Caspian's rebellion against King Miraz. Inherently suspicious and a very ends-justify-the-means sort, Nikabrik cared about nothing but the expulsion of the Telmarines from Narnia. He, along with Doctor Cornelius, Trumpkin the Red Dwarf and Trufflehunter the Talking Badger were Caspian's lead councillors.

When it appeared no help would come from the blowing of the ancient magic horn that belonged to Queen Susan a thousand years before, Nikabrik proposed a new strategy: the resurrection of Jadis, the evil White Witch. Caspian was appalled at his idea, then realized that Nikabrik had brought a Hag and a Were-wolf into Aslan's How with them. A fight broke out which ended with the death of Nikabrik and his allies. (Prince Caspian)

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