A Telmarine villain in C.S. Lewis' Prince Caspian, one of The Chronicles of Narnia. Miraz murdered Caspian's father (Miraz' brother) and installed himself as Lord Protector of Narnia, later naming himself King.

He would have been content to rule and pass the throne to his nephew, but the birth of his son made direct succession possible and Caspian a threat. Caspian escaped and mounted a desperate rebellion against his uncle with an army of Talking Beasts. Miraz held the upper hand until Narnia's golden-age kings and queens -- children from our world -- arrived to help Caspian.

One of them, Peter Pevensie, challenged Miraz to single combat. Miraz was goaded to accept the challenge by his treacherous aides Glozelle and Sopespian. Miraz and Peter fought to a draw until Miraz tripped on a tussock. As Peter honorably waited for Miraz to rise, Miraz' aides cried out that Peter had stabbed him in the back. The battle at Aslan's How thus began in confusion, which Glozelle took advantage of by murdering Miraz himself.

Miraz left no legacy: Caspian and his allies won the battle, and the Telmarines who would not swear fealty to Caspian left Narnia.

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