The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge is a twin set of steel bridges which span the Hudson River, carrying Interstate 84 between Beacon, NY and Newburgh, NY. The original bridge was built in 1963, and was only two lanes wide. One year after opening, there were frequent traffic jams on the bridge, and New York state had to find a solution. It wasn't until almost twenty years later that an identical bridge was built adjacent to the original.

The original bridge was converted to three lanes for westbound traffic. The new bridge carries the eastbound traffic, plus a pedestrian and bike path. Today, the bridges carry about 20 million vehicles per year. The toll to cross the bridge is $1.00.

The bridge also carries New York State Route 52 by necessity, since there is no other crossing in the area; Route 52 was the main road east from Beacon before Interstate 84 (Route 17K followed the Interstate 84 corridor west of Newburgh). Before the bridge was built, Route 52 crossed on a ferry.

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