Newberg, Oregon is a mid-size town in northern Yamhill County of roughly 18,000 people. Newberg offers its residents and its tourists many things to do, such as the Old Fashioned Festival and the nationally acclaimed Chehalem Skate Park.

Newberg was settled in 1843 by fur trappers, and was officially founded as a town 1889. It became a city in 1893.

Featuring a pleasant climate in summer, and a rather dismal one in the winter, Newberg is often a pleasant place to visit, if the visitor is willing to get a little wet.

During the week of 25 July, Newberg holds the Old Fashioned Festival in Memorial park for four days. There is a market present, where shoppers can buy semi-precious gems, t-shirts, various hand-crafted gifts/decor, and melee weapons(such as swords; although the weapons are real, they are only collectors' items.). A food court with some of the best food around is a short walk away from the market, featuring huge burritos, huge funnelcakes, and other huge food items. Just two blocks away is a small carnival, where attendees can ride the rides and play the games.

George Fox College resides here, with one of the best Christian colleges in the nation. George Fox was started by quakers from Nebraska and Iowa as Friends Pacific Academy in 1884.

It contains one principal highway, 99W, that divides the town in two. This highway recently underwent a multimillion dollar constuction project that covered nearly its entire length inside city limits. With a traffic jam every rush hour, it is the source of frustration for many commuters.

The boat races that are run on the Willamette River in the summer are of great fun to those who attend. A thousand dollar prize is awarded to the winner(s).

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