Well, where did you think zombies come from?

After a few months, zombies tend to get all... gooky. They drip brain on your toast. Their limbs and vital organs start to leave the vicinity of the body, often turning up in the worst places - your bath tub, or the closet.

That is why, every few months, new zombies are animated to replace the old. Of course, you should always have your certified zombie reanimator perform this delicate operation - doing otherwise voids your warantee.

The authors of this node, Everything2, and the little old lady with the grenade in her purse, hereafter referred to as THEM, take no responsibility for anything bad which occurs as a result of: reading, imbibing, stuffing into various orifices, burning, sniffing, touching, inhaling, drinking, smoking, licking, duct taping to a wall, or molesting this node or any nodes related to it in any way, although by ignoring this notice you hand over all rights to your spleen and left testicles (at participating stores, not valid in all states), as well as any rights you may ever have had to all your money, your parents money, and your dog. No cats accepted, due to pending lawsuits. In the event that this node self destructs, or runs off with your date, you agree to hold your lawyer responsible for all damages. If you do not have a lawyer, you will be provided with a small thermonuclear device, as well as a hummer and enough tortellini to invade a small nation, but not Switzerland. In addition, you , by reading this, agree that any eye damage resulting from such reading was obviously your own damn fault.

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