New Skin, is an over-the-counter liquid bandage created by the company Medtech. Somewhat similar to nail polish, it is used in the place of bandages for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. It is applied to the injured area and forms a protective layer over the skin the is flexible, waterproof and antiseptic.

Newskin contains Pyroxylin Solution, Alcohol 6.7%, Oil of Cloves, and 8-hydroxyquinoline.

Although, in theory, this product could be very useful, it, in fact, is not. The clove oil, meant to numb the cut does little to reduce the extreme sting that is caused by the alcohol content. Also, the protective layer it creates is not waterproof (in my own expirence) and often peels off taking the scab/blister right with it. It does not facilitate healing in larger cuts/scrapes due to this reason. The usefulness of this product is limited to very small cuts (papercuts and the like).

If used on infected cuts/scrapes, it will seal the infection into the skin and may cause further injury. The risk of tetanus(Lockjaw) when used on puncture wounds is increased, because the layer does not allow the area to breath, and therefore it should NEVER be used on such injuries.

Don't waste money on this product, normal bandages will suffice in most cases.

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