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The New Reckoning was the calendar system adopted by King Arathorn II Elessar when he ascended to the throne of the Reunited Kingdom at the end of The War of the Rings. It replaced the Stewards' Reckoning, which replaced the Kings' Reckoning. The New Reckoning was based on the Kings' Reckoning and was almost identical except that it started in the spring, like some of the calendars of the Eldar; many holidays were also incorporated into it commemorating the heroes of the War of the Ring. It consisted of:

  • Yestarë- The first day, which corresponds to the 25th of Súlimë in the Kings' Reckoning and is the date of the downfall of Sauron.
  • Víressë- 30 Days
  • Lótessë- 30 Days
  • Nárië- 30 Days
  • Cermië- 30 Days
  • Úrimë- 30 Days
  • Yavannië- 30 Days
  • Enderi- Three days, the middle of which was Loëndë.
  • Narquelië- 30 Days
  • Hísimë- 30 Days
  • Ringarë- 30 Days
  • Narvinyë- 30 Days
  • Nénimë- 30 Days
  • Súlimë- 30 Days
  • Mettarë- The last day

Holidays included New Year's (The downfall of Sauron) and Cormarë, Frodo's birthday.

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